November 17, 2018

Shiloh Wellbeing and Reassurance Night visits

The financial pressure facing NHS and Local Authorities in England is considerable and growing, with little prospect of a major increase in their budgets.  Many health and social care providers are looking for ways to leverage any possibility of working in partnership with other stakeholders in the community to close the gap and maintain people at home.

Shiloh Healthcare have come up with a range of preventative pathways, that would reduce; attendances (for non-emergencies) to A&E; hospital admissions; non-emergencies call out to London Ambulances and  for facilitating timely hospital discharges for patients who live alone.

Shiloh would provide Out-of-Hours well-being/reassurance visits for the very vulnerable patients in their own homes during the night-time and attend to non-emergencies when the usual care provider is not available.

This has demonstrated great benefits in building confidence for patients at home especially at night-time (without creating dependence) whether it’s after a period of hospital admission or in prevention of  hospital admission in the first place.

Shiloh service would further reduce the cost or need for a waking/sleeping-in enhanced support as in some cases  the individual might only require a brief visit to settle them whilst their daytime care provider is off duty at night time.

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