November 17, 2018

Shiloh Assisted Technology Monitoring

For many Health Professionals a timely hospital discharge is aimed at speeding up patients recovery, facilitate re-learning of essential day-to-day activities of daily living whilst building back their self confidence in the ability to look after themselves.

This service builds upon the real time sensors and service user’s daily activities that would also summon for help if an emergency occurs. It is a unique system as it predicts normal behaviour patterns and reports any significant changes, any out of ordinary occurrence or warnings of developing problems and prompting early intervention.
The data collated plays an important role during the assessment of the individual as it gives the Care Professionals additional information about the user’s behaviour/habits/routine which is very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve cost effectively by other means
Shiloh Assisted technology supports safer hospital discharge and could mean less likelihood of readmission in the short-term.

This is a proactive service rather than a reactive care

This service would also facilitate an accurate assessment to help ensure risks are minimised and the appropriate care packages identified.
This system provides an alternative, efficient and cost effective method of tackling any risks through the assessment of the person’s ability to consistently perform the fundamental activities of daily living.

The service is also available for self-funders and carers

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