November 17, 2018

Night Light Care for Customers

Practical support for customers so that carers could have a restful night.

As a health and social care provider, you are aware of the serious toll cognitive impairment, dementia and other related conditions have on the individual and their carers.

Our service is tailored for the night time, when most service user’s become disorientated for instance when they get up to use the bathrooms etc.

Turning on the light to use the bathroom can invoke feelings of wakefulness, which makes it difficult to go back to sleep and in a particular service user group this would result to disorientation and wandering.

Shiloh would install motion sensor lights at strategic places that would lead and guide the service user to the bathroom.

They would be installed high up on the walls and would provide enough light as opposed to the ordinary lights, which lights up the whole room and makes the service user distracted from any particular activity.

Shiloh support lights would support the carer at night if they know that when their loved one gets up, the risks of them wandering are minimised and the service user would use the bathroom and back to bed.

Our service is a proactive service rather than a reactive service!

This service also supports the carer’s as it acts as a falls prevention. The risks of falling for both the cared for person and the carer (especially where both are elderly) at night are minimized therefore reducing hospital admissions etc.

By making this service available you are ensuring that individuals would be more independent, healthier and happier in their homes for longer before they could access other higher costly placements.

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